Red, Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue Cameras

I was talking recently about the differences in shopping habits between men and women and how these differences affect camera design and esthetics.  Most men usually like black or silver cameras, beefy, two-handed creative tools (or so I have observed), while many women look for small, pocket cameras that are easy to carry, easy to use, and produce good quality images.  It doesn’t hurt if the camera comes in a cool designer color, too.

Let’s see….heavy, bulky, black camera vs small, light, designer color camera….Maybe I need a small, red camera.   Above are a few of the new breed of colorful cameras.

What do you think about this?

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4 Comments on “Red, Green, Pink, Yellow and Blue Cameras”

  1. Well, I usually don’t like “girly” colored cameras because to me they scream “touron”!

    Having kids means that keeping a camera close at hand is essential, so like the pocket variety.

    That being said, I’m fed up with the quality of my point and shoot cameras and longing for a more professional quality one. I guess they don’t make those in cobalt blue do they?


  2. cameraaddict Says:

    Maybe you can find one in cobalt, manufacturers keep changing the colors.

  3. I wonder which color sells the best? I’d be all over the red!

  4. Margaret Maron Says:

    I adore my red Kodak — not so much for the color as that it fits so neatly into one of the pockets of my purse that I never leave home without it. When I go shopping, I can show my husband styles of bedroom doors, or a cool lamp or side table without making him come prowl though a dozen stores.

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