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Red Room picks Diane Chamberlain video as Best Video of the week.

May 22, 2009

Great news!  The writers’, site Redroom, picked one of the video programs I produced for noted author Diane Chamberlain  as its Best Video of the week! Cool!  This is one of six videos I’ve produced this year for Diane, starting with a Video Book Trailer for her latest book,  “Secrets She Left Behind.” You can watch the trailer, above,  find these videos at Diane’s web site,  and see clips from other videos I have produced at my web site. Just click “Video.”


A Day of Her Own

May 18, 2009
Diane receives certificate proclaiming May 16 Diane Chamberlain Day in Surf City, NC.

Diane receives certificate proclaiming May 16 Diane Chamberlain Day in Surf City, NC.

As some of you know, my significant other is a noted novelist, and last weekend we went to a party in Surf City on Topsail Island to celebrate her 20th year as a published author.  It was a great party where we saw old friends and made new ones.  The highlight of the evening was a proclamation from the Mayor of Surf City officially designating May 16 as Diane Chamberlain Day. Pretty cool, to have a day named after you!

Kids, Capes and Cameras

May 15, 2009

It’s been said that photographers should avoid children and animals, but I really like working with kids. They are great fun to photograph, because once you gain their trust they open up to you and are entirely at ease in front of the camera.  I recently started a new series with children, sparked by a shoot I did with my significant other’s grandkids, boys age 3 and 5. It started as a conventional portrait session, but suddenly veered into something else when the 5 year old wanted to wear his new red cape, that has a big white star on it.  Now, I’ve photographed a lots of kids modeling clothing, for advertising and clothing catalogs,  but this time was very different.  What I saw through the viewfinder wasn’t a shy, quiet 5 year old boy, but a SUPERHERO ready to save the world, and that came across powerfully in the pictures.  I started photographing other kids dressed in costumes and acting out their fantasies, and their transformation to superhero, ballerina, sports star, or cartoon character has yielded strikingly different and powerful images. As a result, I’ve added Kids’ Fantasy Photo Adventures to my portrait business.  I hope you’ll visit my site and check out the Fantasy Photo Adventures gallery and let me know what you think.