A new way to create B&W conversions in Lightroom

Recently Adobe released Lightroom 2, an update of the original program with more capabilities. Now, I was reluctant to but Lightroom in the first place  when I already owned Photoshop and Bridge and they seemed to work just dandy. Slowly, with a great deal of complaining, I began to experiement with Lightroom. In fact, I experimented so much that I now use Lightroom 90% of the time, even thought I still have Photoshop CS3. Why do I use Lightroom so much more than Photoshop? Because Lightroom is designed for photographers instead of graphic artists, the way Photoshop is. Put another way, Lighroom is designed for people with ADD. Lightroom’s various modules bring together elements of a digital asset manager, an imaging program, a slide show creator, a digital printing manager and a really slick web gallery producer that can create and upload web galleries in html and flash formats almost as quickly as I can type this sentence.

One of the many cool things about Lightroom is the ability to create grayscale images from camera RAW files with one click of the mouse. Yesterday I learned a new way to use Lightroom 2 to create better black and white conversions. I got the tip from Adobe’s Lightroom web site, Lighroom-News.com.

This video, featuring noted Photoshop expert Martin Evening, explains the process and at least two alternate ways to create B&W conversions. I tried it, it works, I like it a lot. Enjoy.

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